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  1. France Stratégie visits the WRR during anniversary year

    At the end of September, sister organization France Stratégie visited the WRR to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The two-day ...

    News item | 20-10-2022 | 09:00

  2. Podcast about behavioural science and capacity to act

    Discover in the latest podcast-episode (#13) of PESPod how the Dutch Public Employment Service (PES) has achieved tangible ...

    News item | 07-10-2022 | 11:00

  3. Roundtable with the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters

    On 6 September 2022 the WRR held a roundtable workshop on strategic science based policy advice. The occasion was the visit by ...

    News item | 06-09-2022 | 12:00

  4. Making choices for a future-proof Dutch healthcare

    How can we ensure that Dutch healthcare remains future-proof? Can the system still cope with the growing demand for care? Do we ...

    News item | 03-05-2022 | 11:54

  5. Scientific advice in crises: lessons learned from COVID-19

    The OECD Global Science Forum (GSF) hosted a virtual workshop on 3d and 4th of March about scientific advice in crises: lessons ...

    News item | 14-03-2022 | 10:00

  6. European Variations as a Key to Cooperation

    The European Union will have to offer more room for variation. That is the main thrust of ‘ European Variation as a Key to ...

    News item | 30-11-2021 | 16:16

  7. WRR and KNAW: government must anticipate different coronavirus scenarios

    With infection rates rising again throughout Europe it is unfortunately clear that the pandemic is not yet behind us. The desire ...

    News item | 16-11-2021 | 11:00

  8. Good work for everyone should be the new social mission

    The automation, flexibilization and intensification of work will have significant consequences for people who still have jobs in ...

    News item | 15-11-2021 | 00:00

  9. Preparations for digital disruption should become stated goal of security policy

    In recent years, all manner of disruptions have occurred in the digital realm. Most have been remedied swiftly, and their impact ...

    News item | 28-09-2021 | 14:49

  10. WRR discussion paper: Strengthening EU Policy

    The European Union in the coming years must evolve on numerous fronts. The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed the necessity of ...

    News item | 19-07-2021 | 14:00