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International protection of the internet is a matter of urgency.

The public core of the Internet

News item | 31-03-2015 | 14:21

Wendy Asbeek Brusse to leave the WRR

Wendy Asbeek Brusse, Director of the WRR, has been appointed Director of the Development Cooperation and Policy Evaluation ...

News item | 27-03-2015 | 14:15

Working Paper ‘Societal dividing lines’

Working paper Societal Dividing lines

News item | 22-12-2014 | 14:05

Government reaction to WRR report ‘Behavioural insights in policymaking’

WRR-report Behavioural insights in policymaking

News item | 08-12-2014 | 14:02

Government reaction to WRR reports 'Supervising public interests' and 'From diptych to triangles'

The Cabinet has put forward seven proposals to improve government supervision following the publication of two WRR reports.

News item | 20-11-2014 | 13:40

Promote links between housing, care and pensions

House, care and pensions

News item | 17-11-2014 | 13:58

WRR Lecture 2014: The future of globalization

On 6 November Joseph E. Stiglitz, Nobel Prizewinner and Professor of Economics at Columbia University, spoke about the future of ...

News item | 06-11-2014 | 13:51

WRR member Ernst Hirsch Ballin made Officier dans l’ordre de la Légion d’Honneur

On Thursday, 30 October 2014, Council member Professor Ernst Hirsch Ballin was made an Officer of the National Order of the ...

News item | 30-10-2014 | 13:50

Presentation of WRR report 'Towards a food policy'

Towards a Food Policy

News item | 02-10-2014 | 13:44

Policymaking using behavioural expertise

Policymaking using Behavioural expertise

News item | 10-09-2014 | 16:52