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Europe Report draws attention in Brussels

We cannot expect everyone to think the same way in a Union with nearly 30 members. So how can the European Union answer the need ...

News item | 20-03-2019 | 12:08

Knowledge Exchange with French AI Experts

A WRR delegation visited France Stratégie, the French public think tank overseen by the French Prime Minister. The central theme ...

News item | 08-03-2019 | 11:30

Diplomatic The Hague most interested in European Variation

On Tuesday 26 February 2019, the WRR and the Embassy of Romania (this semester’s President of the EU Council) organised a meeting ...

News item | 04-03-2019 | 09:48

Lecture 2019: Emotions in Politics & Policy

The Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) organized its annual Lecture on 24 January 2019 on the theme of Emotions in ...

News item | 31-01-2019 | 12:24

Mathieu Segers appointed Professor of Contemporary European History and European Integration

Mathieu Segers, a member of the scientific staff at WRR, will deliver his inaugural lecture on Friday, 7 December, under the ...

News item | 07-12-2018 | 09:00

New exploratory study on philanthropy

While there are advantages to cooperation between governments and philanthropic organisations, parties should be on guard against ...

News item | 31-10-2018 | 09:00

Cooperation France Stratégie and WRR

WRR Publication The Fall of the Middle Class?

News item | 14-02-2018 | 16:30

WRR welcomes science delegation from China

Monday 29th January a Chinese science delegation visited the WRR.

News item | 29-01-2018 | 10:00

Professorship for Frans Brom

Professorship for Frans Brom

News item | 01-05-2017 | 16:38

Publication of WRR Investigation ‘For the sake of security’

Publication of WRR Investigation ‘For the sake of security’

News item | 07-02-2017 | 16:49