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Improving internal checks and balances in semi-public organisations

Semi-public organisations need a better system of internal dissent and contradiction. Good internal checks and balances are ...

Report | 27-05-2014 | Mark Bovens, Meike Bokhorst

Towards a learning economy. Investing in the Netherlands' earning capacity

It is time for a strategy designed to increase the Netherlands’ earning capacity, the WRR concludes in this report. A central ...

Report | 04-11-2013 | Robert Went

Supervising public interests. Towards a broader perspective on government supervision

Greater attention is needed for the importance of supervision to protecting public interests. In this report, the WRR therefore ...

Report | 09-09-2013 | André Knottnerus, Peter de Goede, Meike Bokhorst

Physical Safety. A matter of balancing responsibilities

In this report the WRR argues that in order to answer these questions a distinction needs to be made between incidents, damage, ...

Report | 09-10-2012 | André Knottnerus, Peter de Goede

Confidence in Citizens

Policymakers need to be more open to citizens who do something for society. Civic engagement is very important for a democracy ...

Report | 22-05-2012 | Annemarth Idenburg


The government needs a greater awareness that it is in reality an iGovernment. That realisation is important if it is to meet the ...

Report | 15-03-2011 | Corien Prins, Dennis Broeders, Henk Griffioen, Anne-Greet Keizer

Attached to the world: on the anchoring and strategy of Dutch foreign policy

The WRR calls for a rethinking of Dutch foreign policy in its report Attached to the world. On the anchoring and strategy of ...

Report | 30-11-2010

Less pretention, more ambition

Development aid should be targeted more at enhancing the development and self-reliance of countries. Policy should also be more ...

Report | 18-01-2010 | Robert Went

Uncertain safety

In view of the vulnerability of humans, society and the natural environment, a proactive approach to uncertainties is required. A ...

Report | 01-10-2008

Infrastructures. Time to invest

There are currently insufficient guarantees of investment in vital infrastructure such as dykes and electricity. A strategic ...

Report | 11-06-2008