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Ground for choices: Four Perspectives for the Rural Areas in the European Community

A substantial volume of agricultural land in the European Community (EC) will need to be taken out of production because of ...

Report | 09-06-1992

Environmental policy: strategy, instruments and enforcement

Environmental policy is mainly a question of influencing behaviour. Environmental problems are caused because producers and ...

Report | 29-04-1992

Work in Perspective. Labour Participation in the Netherlands

The labour participation rate needs to rise. Too few people in the Netherlands are performing paid work. In view of the ...

Report | 10-12-1990

Institutions and Cities. The Dutch Experience

Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht should be given greater financial and administrative powers. Because the position of ...

Report | 03-09-1990

Immigrant Policy

The existing minorities policy should be replaced by an immigrant policy aimed at making the relevant ethnic groups independent ...

Report | 09-05-1989

Government and Future Research

The forecasting function should receive more attention in surveys of the future carried out for the government. The uncertainties ...

Report | 15-04-1988

An Active Labour Market Policy

A system of work-experience places needs to be created as a means of increasing the job opportunities for unemployed persons and ...

Report | 31-12-1987

Financing the European Community

Controlling spending on agriculture is essential for resolving the European Community’s financial problems. To achieve that, ...

Report | 06-11-1987

Culture and Diplomacy

Raising the standard of education, arts and sciences in the Netherlands should be the principal objective of international ...

Report | 22-06-1987

Tailoring Policy to the Needs of Small and Medium-sized Business

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can make an important contribution to economic growth and employment in the ...

Report | 15-06-1987