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Press Release The Fall of the Middle Class?

Unlike the US and other countries in Europe, the Netherlands is not witnessing the 'fall' or 'erosion' of its middle class....

Press release | 14-02-2018

Future of flexible workers and the modern organisation of labour

In the Netherlands work is becoming increasingly flexible and hybrid. That opens up opportunities but also concerns as regards...

Press release | 01-05-2017

WRR: Use of Big Data in the field of security requires new frameworks

Big Data analytics in national security, law enforcement and the fight against fraud can reap great benefits for states,...

Press release | 31-01-2017

What’s wrong with divisions?

No one wants social divisions. But what are they actually? And when do they take on undesirable forms? What are the...

Press release | 12-01-2017

Appointment of new Chairman of Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR)

The Council of Ministers of the Dutch government has approved the proposal by the Prime Minister to nominate Professor J.E.J....

Press release | 19-12-2016

From reception to integration of asylum migrants

By focusing simultaneously on housing, language acquisition, training and work, public authorities will minimise the amount of...

Press release | 18-02-2016

Call for urgency in international protection of Internet

As a key Internet hub and digital gateway to Europe, the Netherlands is heavily dependent on the functioning of the global...

Press release | 01-10-2015

Only a cultural sector capable of continuous development and innovation can have lasting value for society

The cultural sector is increasingly facing questions about its value for society and the economy. In the first place, however,...

Press release | 27-05-2015

WRR highlights urgent need to protect the Internet through international policy

Second WRR Policy Brief entitled The public core of the internet

Press release | 10-05-2015

'Uncomfortable’ opposition across the ‘educational divide’

There is a sociocultural opposition in the Netherlands between people with high and low education levels. This is expressed...

Press release | 20-11-2014

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