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Summary The World in a City

All across Europe, municipal governments are drawing up strategies for assimilating various groups of migrants in the local ...

Investigation | 11-07-2018

Summary The New Diversity

There was a time when large groups of immigrants came to the Netherlands from a small number of countries, to wit Indonesia, ...

Investigation | 11-07-2018

The Fall of the Middle Class? Stability and Vulnerability in the Middle Segment of Society

The WRR publication The Fall of the Middle Class? Stability and Vulnerability in the Middle Segment of Society examines the ...

Investigation | 14-02-2018 | Godfried Engbersen, Monique Kremer

Migration and Classification: Towards a Multiple Migration Idiom

In various countries, public authorities, research institutes and civil-society organisations are struggling to classify migrants ...

Investigation | 26-06-2017 | Mark Bovens, Meike Bokhorst, Roel Jennissen, Godfried Engbersen

For the Sake of Security. The Future of Flexible Workers and the Modern Organisation of Labour

The number of people who have a permanent job is decreasing while insecurity on the labour market is increasing. In the ...

Investigation | 01-05-2017 | Monique Kremer, Robert Went, André Knottnerus

Exploring the Boundaries of Big Data

The Big Data phenomenon has a major impact on the world in which we live. A positive impact because Big Data encourages ...

Investigation | 28-04-2016 | Dennis Broeders, Erik Schrijvers

Mastering the Robot. The Future of Work in the Second Machine Age

To ensure that robotisation is beneficial to both the economy and workers, a robot agenda is required. The key word in this ...

Investigation | 08-12-2015 | Robert Went, Monique Kremer, André Knottnerus

Revaluing Culture

Across Europe, policymakers regularly question the value of culture and, increasingly, seek the answer in culture’s social and ...

Investigation | 27-10-2015 | Erik Schrijvers, Anne-Greet Keizer, Godfried Engbersen

Doing Good or Doing Better

The objective of development cooperation should be development rather than fighting poverty. Moreover, ‘doing better’ means less ...

Investigation | 20-05-2009 | Monique Kremer, Robert Went

New Perspectives on Investment in Infrastructures

In the past twenty years, a certain amount of commercialisation, liberalisation or privatisation has been introduced in all ...

Investigation | 11-06-2008

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