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Rediscovering Europe in the Netherlands

National politicians and policymakers should take the lead in identifying major issues facing Europe. They must explicitly ...

Report | 05-06-2007

Climate Strategy – Between Ambition and Realism

An ambitious climate policy calls for a long-term global strategy. The current policy focuses too much on reducing CO2 emissions ...

Report | 20-06-2006

Dynamism in Islamic Activism

Islamic activism provides reference points for democratisation and human rights. It is essential for security in the longer term ...

Report | 18-04-2006

Media Policy for the Digital Age

A future-oriented media policy calls for a new, functional approach because the Dutch media landscape is changing rapidly due to ...

Report | 15-02-2005

The European Union, Turkey and Islam

Islam does not form a hindrance to Turkey’s admission to the EU, according to the WRR report The European Union, Turkey and Islam ...

Report | 15-06-2004

The Future of the National Constitutional State

The national constitutional state will continue to occupy a central position as the anchor point of the international legal order ...

Report | 29-10-2002

The Netherlands as immigration society

The Netherlands must draw conclusions from the fact that it has become an immigration society. Three principles are central to an ...

Report | 24-09-2001

Towards a pan-European Union

The European Union should set clearer priorities with regard to the requirements for accession that have to be met by candidate ...

Report | 10-08-2001

Development policy and good governance

Good governance should be a specific goal of Dutch development policy. It currently functions as a benchmark for selecting ...

Report | 10-04-2001

Safeguarding the public interest

The decision on whether to privatise a public task should be based on the answer to the question of how the public interest can ...

Report | 22-04-2000